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Key Logger Software

Do you want to know everything user Types on your PC? Keylogger Software captures the entire typing activities performed by external user on your personal computer.The professional real-time computer monitoring software allows you to easily monitor and track entire keyboard activities of user on your PC or Laptops. Utility silently records every typed keystroke entered from the keyboard including send emails, passwords, chat details, username, website URLs and other typed documents.

Software, while running in background, monitors entire active or inactive Windows application and automatically prepares useful log report of overall keyboard activities. PC surveillance tool even facilitates to mail the log details at your defined email address, thus you can instantly check the entire computer working of user around the world at any time.

Windows keylogger provides option to remain invisible from the entire system and user can easily hide the software from Add/Remove list, Program folders, Start Menu and even from Desktop. This helps system owner to keep an eye on the PC activities of user without notifying him/her. Moreover, the software is password protected which restricts unauthorized user to make any changes in software settings or alter log files.

Keylogger is used by home and business users. Program offers Company managers to monitor the entire working of employees on company PCs during office hours. Similarly, helps parents to view the detail computer functioning of children, spouse so as to control their non-productive internet usage.

Key Logger Software

Key Logger Software

⇛ Major features:

Record all keystroke including username/password, emails/documents and online chats and all typed documents.

Automatically generates the encrypted log file of keystroke activities.

Saves the log report in Text or Html file formats.

Mail the log report at user-specified email ID.

Software provides option to run invisibly in background.

Provides Hot key or Run command settings to access the invisible software.

Key logger is password protected.

⇛ User-friendly features:

Displays professional and easily readable activity log report.
No technical expertise required to operate the software.
Cost-effective, reliable and risk free utility.
Easy to use with simple installation procedure.
Provide extremely easy to use GUI (Graphical User Interface) of the software.
Effective and flexible solution for all Windows users.