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Advance Key Logger Software

Want to view what your children or employees searches on Google, AOL, Yahoo and MSN? Or how much time your kids spent on the internet or with whom they Chat?

Advance keylogger software offers effective solution for monitoring the entire activities of users. Advance featuring keylogger software can capture Windows screen shots, online voice conversations, instant messages, browsed web pages and all clipboard entries (copy/paste). Software even record each keystrokes typed, website URLs, login address, passwords, send emails, login sessions and various other internet and system activities. Add to this, keystroke recorder also shows the system startup time, records system sound clips and any changes made in system date/time.

Utility provides detail report of all activities executed on your PC by your family members, employees, children or any other external users. Visual surveillance tool automatically prepares log files of overall PC usage and saves log report in Text or Html file formats. Keylogger can secretly deliver log details of recorded activity either at your specified email address at set intervals or upload log file using FTP server settings, enabling you to easily access and read the log report at anytime.

Advance Key Logger Software

Advance Key Logger Software

Software Features:

Monitor the entire system and internet activities on your system.

Records every single pressed keys from your keyboard.

Captures snap shots of all recently viewed windows applications.

Records all the clipboard activities (copy/paste).

Records sound clips and voice chat conversations.

Monitors visited websites, internet cookies, temporary files and other internet activities.

Records date and login time of each session.

Provide option to remain invisible from the computer system.

Provides Hot key or Run command settings to access the hidden software.

User-friendly features:

Save log details in Text or Html file format.
Email log file or upload log files using FTP server settings.
Windows explorer style interface.
Password protected utility.
Simple and easy to operate.
Economical and easy to install.